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Finnish Oats

Yantai Zhongsheng Import and Export Co., Ltd. was founded in 1992, we have established a good relationship of cooperation with domestic and foreign customers, our products have been exported to more than 30 countries and regions.

Oats belong to cereal crops, they are mainly planted in Russia, the United States, Canada, Germany, Australia, China, Finland and other temperate regions, most of them are used as feed, a small amount of them are used as food, especially in high latitude or high elevation areas, oats have become the most important cultivated forage and fodder crops, they are widely used for horse racing and dairy cattle breeding industries.

Oats have hard shell (hull), the weight ratio reaches 28%, the crude fiber content of oats is as high as 10-13%, the starch content is lower than corn's, about 1/3-1/2, so the energy of oats is low. Protein content (10-13%) of oats is higher than that of corn, lysine is as high as 0.4%, so the protein quality of oats is better than corn. The fat content of oats (4-5%) is higher, and most of which is unsaturated fatty acid. Oats are rich in B vitamins, but the content of fat-soluble vitamin is little. Because of the high fiber content, oats are not suitable for feeing pigs, poultry and other monogastric animals, however, they are suitable for feeding cud-chewing animals. Oats can be fed for animals by whole grain, or by granule after pressing or crushing.

1. Our oats have passed the test of Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira. The Finnish Food Safety Authority (Evira), established on 1st May 2006. The responsibilities of the organisation range from research on dangerous, environmentally hazardous animal and plant diseases to analysis of foodstuffs produced and sold in Finland. Activities at Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira aim at ensuring food safety, promoting animal health and welfare, and developing the prerequisites for plant and animal production, and plant health. The safety of oats are guaranteed.
2. Our oats come from Finland which in the polar regions of Earth, and is the seventh largest country for planting oats in the world. We have cooperated with the local rural areas to buy raw materials directly from the farmers. So our product price is competitive.

Name Finnish Oats
Origin Finnish
Protein Content 11%
Impurity 2%
Mildew 1750ml/kg
Test Weight 56KG /HL
Moisture 13.5% below
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