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Finnish Oat Groats

Oat is one of the worldwide-recognized high nutritional value food crops, oatmeal which is made of oats contains rich protein, fat, vitamin. The food grade oatmeal imported by our company is in full compliance with the European Union and China's inspection standards.

Oats are made of oatmeal, making it more convenient to eat. The biological function of which can lower LDL cholesterol, promote cholesterol excretion, prevent diabetes and lower risk of diabetes, and reduce the occurrence of devastating diabetic complications. In addition, oats can improve gut motility and accelerate excretion, which have a good help for chronic constipation patient. Oatmeal is low calorie food, it will have consistent feelings of fullness after eating a small amount of it, so that it can lose weight after eating which for a long term.

Oats are rich in vitamin B2, B1, E, folic acid, etc. which can improve blood flow, relieve stress. The calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, manganese and other minerals contained by oats, which can prevent osteoporosis, promote optimal wound healing, and prevent iron-deficiency anemia.

Cleaning and removing foreign debris → Removing oat hulls → Hydrothermal treatments
1. Cleaning and removing foreign debris: most of the grain cleaning equipment can be used to clean the oats, which includes 1. debearder: removes awns and chaff; 2. air screen cleaner: removes light trash and dust; 3. gravity stoner: separates heavy good seed and stone; 4. spiral separator: removes grass seed and dissimilar grain; 5. cylinder separator: separates clean oats.
2. Removing oat hulls: the machines we used include huller, air separator, groats separator, cylinder separator and so on, they are used for removing hulls and separating clean oats.
3. Hydrothermal treatments are routine in oat processing, because of high lipid content and high lipolytic enzyme activity of oats, can cause serious deterioration that, during processing and storage, so steaming above 100℃ is used to inactivate lipolytic enzymes in oats. After that, the moisture of oats will be removed by using kiln dryer, and then make the oat kernels cooling, the finished products are oat groats.

Name Oat Groats
Origin Finnish
Protein Content 11%
Impurity 2%
Mildew 1000ml/kg
Test Weight 59KG/HL
Moisture 12% below
Guarantee Period 12 months
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