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Crude Sunflower Oil

Crude sunflower oil is the raw vegetable oil extracted from sunflower seeds. This kind of bulk sunflower oil is unrefined, and appears in dark color with quite heavy yet pleasant small of sunflower. In order for conversion to refined sunflower oil, a series of processing is needed including deacidification, bleaching, degumming, deodorizing, removals of moisture and impurities, etc. Refining is the most commonly process to manufacture refined oil.

Our Ukrainian crude sunflower oil is produced with high-ranking oilseeds which are purchased directly from Ukrainian farmers. Moreover, the production of our sunflower oil is approved by ISCC, HALAL, HACCP, ISO and SGS, etc. Based on years of experience in import and export, out product is highly applauded for unrivalled quality and lucrative price. Every year, a total of 25,000 tons of sunflower oil is sold to India, Philippines and Turkey, etc.


Composition Unit Content
Acid Value mg (KOH) /g <3
Peroxide Value mmol/kg <7.5
Moisture And Volatile Matter <0.2
Insoluble Matter % <0.1
Phosphorus Value mg/kg <150
Iodine Value g/100g 118-141
Unsaponifiable Matter g/kg <15
Linolenic Acid Content % <0.3
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