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Refined Rapeseed Oil

The refined rapeseed oil we offer is derived from fresh rapeseeds. It boasts pure taste and rich aroma. Via unique technology, our refined rapeseed oil has impurities removed while retaining the nutrition of the vegetable oil, making dishes more healthy and delicious. Appearing golden yellow, the refined rapeseed oil has no sediment and high smoke point. This helps keep the kitchen clean and make housework easier.

The refined rapeseed oil is native to Ukraine. It has passed the inspection of ISO, HACPP, and SGS HALAL. As an experienced cooking oil exporter, we export 25,000 tons of refined rapeseed oil to India and EU each year. Due to high quality and competitive price, our refined rapeseed oil, widely used as frying oil, is well received in those areas.

Parameters of Refined Rapeseed Oil
Item Index
Taste No smell, good taste
Transparency Clear and Transparent
Moisture and volatile matter max. (%) 0.03
Impurities (Insoluble in petrol ether), max. (%) 0.04
Acid value (mgKOH/g), max. 0.16
Peroxide value (mmol/kg) 4.8
Smoke point (degree) 228
Refrigeration test (degree 5.5h) Clear and Transparent
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