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Soybean Oil

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Our focus is mainly emphasized on import and export of crude and refined soybean oil from Brazil. This edible oil adopts superior soybeans which are fully mature and have high oil extraction rate, resulting in light color and impurity-free. Therefore, our bottled vegetable oil stands out from competitors in terms of quality control and cost containment.

Additionally, our Brazilian first grade soybean oil enhances fatty acid composition, giving ample linoleic acid which considerably brings positive effects to reduction of serum cholesterol in your blood and prevention of angiocardiopathy. Moreover, there is also a substantial amount of lecithin, Vitamin E and D contained in this healthy cooking oil.


Item Content
Color (Lovibond 133.4mm) Y 9 R 0.9
Acid Value (mg (KOH) /g) 0.07
Peroxide Value (mmol/kg) 0.4
Moisture And Volatile Matter (%) 0.01
Insoluble Matter (%) ND
Smoke Point (℃ ) 216
Clarity Level Clear
Smell and Odor No smell with mild taste
Cold Test (5.5h at 0℃ ) Clear
Residual Solvent Content (mg/kg) Negative
Fatty Acid Composition (%) Complied with international standard
Aflatoxin (ppb) Negative
refractive index (n40) 1.4680
Specific Density (d2020) 0.9216
Iodine Value (g/100g) 130.45
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