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Corn Oil

  • Packaged Corn Oil
  • Packaged Corn Oil
  • Packaged Corn Oil
  • Packaged Corn Oil

Our corn oil comes from Brazil where is the burgeoning source of high-end corn. We not only benefit from drastically reduced purchase cost, but also 80-85% of unsaturated fatty acid contained in our edible vegetable oil. Being free from cholesterol, our product is regarded as the healthy oil which lowers cholesterol content in blood and then prevents angiosclerosis.

As a reputable corn oil exporter and importer, we are highly renowned for competitive price and meticulous service. Thanks to quality Brazilian corn, we offer you high-end cooking oil coming in high clarity level and no impurities. In addition, certificates of ISO, SGS, ISCC and HALAL are all obtained.


Item Content
Free Fatty Acid (%) ≤0.1
Moisture And Impurities (%) ≤0.1
Peroxide Value (MEQ/kg) ≤1.5
Color R 2.0
Iodine Value (G12/100g) ≥118.5
Cold Test (5.5h at 0℃ ) Clear
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