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    1. Refined Rapeseed OilAppearing golden yellow, the refined rapeseed oil has no sediment and high smoke point. This helps keep the kitchen clean and make housework easier.
    1. Crude Rapeseed OilDerived from rape seeds, the crude rapeseed oil can be used to produce different types of biodiesel. It conforms to DIN51605.
      Based on rich import and export experience, high-quality product, and competitive price, we export more than 30,000 tons of crude rapeseed oil to India and EU each year.
    1. Sunflower OilCrude sunflower oil is the raw vegetable oil extracted from sunflower seeds. This kind of bulk sunflower oil is unrefined, and appears in dark color with quite heavy yet pleasant small of sunflower. In order for conversion to refined sunflower oil, a series of processing is needed including deacidification, bleaching, degumming, deodorizing, removals of moisture and impurities, etc.
    1. Soybean OilOur focus is mainly emphasized on import and export of crude and refined soybean oil from Brazil. This edible oil adopts superior soybeans which are fully mature and have high oil extraction rate, resulting in light color and impurity-free. Therefore, our bottled vegetable oil stands out from competitors in terms of quality control and cost containment.
    1. Corn OilWe not only benefit from drastically reduced purchase cost, but also 80-85% of unsaturated fatty acid contained in our edible vegetable oil. Being free from cholesterol, our product is regarded as the healthy oil which lowers cholesterol content in blood and then prevents angiosclerosis.
    1. Palm Oil

      Its free fatty acid content is less than 0.1%, moisture and impurity content is less than 0.1%, cloud point is 24C, and its quality meets international standards.

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Cooking Oils

Zhongsheng is a predominant importer and exporter of cooking oils in China. We are characterized by diversified edible vegetable oil offerings including Ukrainian crude and refined sunflower oil, Brazilian crude and refined soybean oil, as well as high-end corn oil and Malaysian palm oil.

Our cooking oils all meet the standards of ISCC, HALAL, HACCP, ISO and SGS. Ensured quality is offered at competitive price. Obviously, we are the reliable supplier that you’ve been waiting for. Contact us today!