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    1. Sesame Seed

      Located in Yantai City, Shandong Province, China, we have been engaged in import and export of sesame seed for 5 years, as well as grain and oil for over 20 years.

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Oil Seeds

Zhongsheng is the multifaceted importer and exporter of grains and oils, as well as related equipment. We have ample industrial experience accumulated through over 20 years. Thousands of tons of grain and oil products are sold worldwide each year, including Korea, Japan, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Europe, etc.

Currently, our oil seeds offerings mainly comprise Bangladesh sesame seed, South American transgenic soybean and African non-GMO soybean. These nutrient-rich oil seeds feature ensured quality and remarkable oil extraction rate, thus making them to be excellent for both human consumption food and raw materials for oil extraction plants. If you are in need of grain or oil products, please contact us!