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Lithuanian Oats

Processed finely, our rolled oat is more convenient to eat and tastes better. Grown in the Baltic region, the ground oats we provided have passed the quality inspection of the EU and feature high nutritional value.

As a popular health food, our oats have the following efficacies:
1. The dietary fibers in the oatmeal is able to lower the low density lipoprotein of triglyceride so as to promote cholesterol excretion. Therefore, it helps prevent diabetes and reduce the risk of blood vessel complication caused by diabetes.
2. Thanks to its rich content of vitamin B1, B2, E and folic acid, oats can improve blood circulation and relief your pressure caused by tense work.
3. Ground oat is also a kind of low calorie food which makes you feel full easily. Hence, it is ideal for you if you want to lose your weight.
3. The mineral substances like calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc and manganese in the rolled oats is helpful in preventing osteoporosis and anemia, and accelerating wound healing.

Moisture 11.5-13%
Impurities 0.1-0.3%
Thickness 0.75-1.00mm
Acidity <5°
Metallic additives <3mg/1kg
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