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Malting Barley

Our company is engaged in exporting malting barley from Australia, Ukraine, Russia and Canada and offering them directly to breweries and malthouses. Since we have established cooperative relationships with more than 500 farm owners and sell the barley to breweries and malthouses without taking any commission, we help maximize the benefits for our customers.

The malting barley our company offers can be classified into many varieties according to different classification methods.
By grain form: Two-rowed barley, four rowed barley, six-rowed barley
By planting season: Winter barley and spring barley
By color: Yellow barley, white barley and purple barley

Malting Barley Distinguish Standard
The barley for making beer can be classified into three grades mainly distinguished from the aspects of sensory index and physicochemical indexes.

Superior two-rowed or multi-rowed barley should be in light yellow color with outstanding luster and release its natural smell. It has no scab and gives no mildew smell or other unpleasant smells. The malting barley of the first and second grades is required to be in light yellow or yellow color with a little luster and has no scab, mildew smell or other unpleasant smells.

Physicochemical indexes for distinguish barley include dry grain weight (with absolute dry meter), germinating ability, germination rate, protein (absolute dry meter), grain selection test (>2.5mm) and water sensitivity.

Varieties of Malting Barley we Offer


Variety Hindmarsh  
Protein 10.3% Moisture 10.8%
Test Weight 74.2KG/HL Germination Rate  
Retention 85.3% Screenings 2.1%
Variety Commander
Protein 9.6% Moisture 11.3%
Test Weight 69KG/HL Germination Rate
Retention 85.3% Screenings 5.3%
Variety Gaidner
Protein 9.6% Moisture 9.7%
Test Weight 66.6KG/HL Germination Rate
Retention 80.8% Screenings 4.8%
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