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Feed Barley

Barley can serve as a good material for making feed for cows and pigs as the barley grains have higher content of crude proteins and digestible fibres than corns. Feed barley is widely used in Europe, North America and Australia to feed livestock. Adding more barley to the foods for pigs during the pigs’ growing stage will increase the hardness and melting point of pork fat, improve pork quality and make the pigs grow more lean meat. Harvested in the postulation period, the barley for feed can be also used as silage for cows.

The feed barley our company provided sells well in North China, East China, and over 30 overseas countries and is well accepted by the customers.

Specification of Feed Barley
Moisture 14.5% Max.
Impurities 2%
Broken barley 5% Max. (including 2% damage caused by heat
Breakage rate 5% Max.
Test Weight 650g/l min

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