The flexitank is a kind of large-scale bag integrating the functions such as storage, transportation, and packaging. The material depends on the property of the liquid goods to be delivered. The industrial liquid goods packaging bag with the storage capacity of 24 square meters can be used in a 20ft shipping container. Capable of reducing transportation cost for the users, the flexitank is becoming increasingly popular, worldwide.

A. Food Grade Flexitank

The food grade flexitank is applicable for transporting wine, edible oil, fruit juice concentrate, food additive, sorbitol, palm oil, soy sauce, rice wine, mineral water, malt extract, syrup, and so on.

B. Grease Flexitank
In addition to the lubricating oil, lubricant additive, and transformer oil, the flexitank is widely seen in packaging white oil, China wood oil, glycerol, coconut oil, hydraulic oil, industrial gear oil, castor oil, fatty acid, oleic acid, and some others.

C. Chemicals Flexitank
The chemicals flexitank can be used for storing plasticizer, synthetic resin, cleanser, sanitizer, surfactant, polyhydric alcohol, feed additive, silicate, and saline solution. Apart from that, the flexitank is a useful tool for transporting propylene glycol, glycol, polyether, alkylating agent, herbicide, fertilizer, natural rubber, and synthetic latex.

Technical Parameters
No. Item Unit Specification
1 Tensile Strength Weft N/5cm 1700
Warp N/5cm 1600
2 Tear Resistance Weft N 110
Warp N 90
3 Min. Temperature -25
4 Max. Temperature 70
5 Impact Resistance g <1260
6 Melting Point - 0.8
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