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Buckwheat Dehulling & Separating Equipment

The TFQM400 buckwheat dehulling and separating equipment is developed on our own research. We design this heavy-duty material processing equipment to be nimble in buckwheat dehulling and automatic kernel/husk separation.

1. Easy Operation

Our buckwheatdehulling equipment adopts dry-type dehulling technique, eliminating preheat treatment to buckwheat materials. Customers enjoy remarkable kernel rate, dehulling rate and cleanness.

2. Robust Structure
Separator screen is punched by high quality cold-roll steel sheet for ultimate durability. Bouncing Ball design is responsible for minimized screen plugging. Vibratory negative pressure separator and auger discharging unit are all available on this buckwheat separating equipment, resulting in handy shell collection and reduced dust generation.

3. Tailored Design
The separator allows for adjustment on grinding wheel clearance, thus supplying more proper dehulling effect to different material. Furthermore, our buckwheat dehulling and separating equipment can be custom engineered to deliver 20-30 ton/day production capacity.

This machine consists of feeding hopper, hopper elevator, 4 dehulling machines, skinning machine, separating screen and switchboard.

Power 9.84kW
Material Processing Capacity >200kg/h
Perfect Kernel Rate >98%
Kernel Rate >70%
Rate of Kernel in Buckwheat 1%-3%
Rate of Buckwheat in Shell <0.5%
Floor Space 6m × 3m
Highest Point 4.5m
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