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Sesame Cleaning & Separating Equipment

The CZZM400 sesame cleaning and separating equipment is the professional dry-type sesame cleaner. This sesame processing machine is expected to reduce impurity content in sesame to be less than 0.02%. The removable impurities include large-size impurity, small-size impurity, kernel-like impurity, heavy-duty impurity, dockage and empty seed, etc.

1. High Capacity

This sesame separating equipment features automatic feeding and separating, thus drastically increasing production capacity to 0.5 tons per hour. So it is perfect alternative to water-based separating technique.

2. Discreet Design
This screening device avoids sesame drying and water waste handling processes, resulting in tremendously reduced cost. Moreover, 3.5m height and compact structure make our sesame cleaning and separating equipment the best choice for those sesame processing plants where space and efficiency are first concerns.

3. OEM
Tailored equipment is available in accordance with customer's requirements.

Power 27kW (380V)
Material Processing Capacity 0.5 ton/h
Mineral Content ≤0.02%
Floor Space 20m × 5.5m
Installation Height 3.5m
Overall Weight 6 tons
Worker Required 2
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