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    1. Soybean Dehulling & Separating Equipment

      Our soybean dehulling and separating equipment is regarded as the professional bean husking machine. This kind of bean processing equipment is expected to perform dehulling, husk separation and kernel separ ation. Therefore, our food processing machine is highly recommended for soybean dehulling and separating.

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    1. Buckwheat Dehulling & Separating EquipmentThe TFQM400 buckwheat dehulling and separating equipment is developed on our own research. We design this heavy-duty material processing equipment to be nimble in buckwheat dehulling and automatic kernel/husk separation.
    1. Sesame Cleaning & Separating EquipmentThe CZZM400 sesame cleaning and separating equipment is the professional dry-type sesame cleaner. This sesame processing machine is expected to reduce impurity content in sesame to be less than 0.02%.

Dehulling & Separating Equipment

Zhongsheng is a professional dehulling and separating equipment supplier in China. We take pride in over 20 years of industrial experience accumulated through import and export of food industrial equipment. Our dehulling and separating equipment has been proved to be perfect for sunflower seed, soybean, buckwheat and sesame.

This grain processing machine automatically implements dehulling and separating as well as cleaning such as removing all kinds of impurities and immature seeds, etc. Our machine is the tool of choice for grain/oil processing enterprises where primarily requires easy operation and maintenance, as well as exceptional automation and energy efficiency. If you happen to look for dehulling and separating equipment, we are your best bet!