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About Us

Zhongsheng is the prestigious Chinese importer and exporter of grains, cereals, cooking oils, oilseeds and cotton waste as well as grain and oil equipment, etc. We are highly renowned for ensured quality and prompt delivery which are appreciated by customers in the Middle East, South America, Africa and Southeast Asia, etc.

Our Products
Our efforts are mainly emphasized on two categories that are grains/oils and food processing equipment.

1. Grains and Oils
This category comprises corn, wheat flour, wheat, oat, sunflower oil, soybean oil, corn oil, sesame, soybean and cotton waste, etc. Based on rich experience accumulated through over 20 years, the output of these products swells several times over and currently reaches 19.56 million USD each year.

2. Food Processing Equipment
Our food processing equipment is all related to grain and oil products. Specific equipment includes instant noodle production line, automatic handle loop inserting machine and dehulling and separating equipment for sunflower seed, buckwheat, sesame and soybean, etc. These machines are highly recognized by enterprises engaged in instant noodle production, sunflower seed production and processing of grains and oils.

Our Advantage
We used to be a state-owned enterprise that had accompanied leaders in Ministry of Commerce of PRC for oversea investigation as well as business negotiation and equipment purchase. After restructuring to private joint-stock company, we inherit remarkable strength in employee quality and sales channel. However, we are not dwelling over the past but striving to be a forward looking company committed to constant market expansion and more competent suppliers.

Our Quality Control
We apply stringent measures to product purchase. We keep our attention concentrated on supplier selection as well as quality inspection. We won’t make any delivery until every product meets the highest standard. Scrupulous work ethic is what you expect in Zhongsheng.

Our Service
We comply with our operation philosophy of vigilance, efficiency, practice and integrity, on the basis of which we emerge as bridge and bond between domestic and overseas markets. With the utilization of latest market information, source information and business network resource, we are greatly devoted to customer satisfaction and company growth.

The world-renowned Cereals, Oils & Foodstuffs Import & Export Co., Ltd. in Yantai City, China is looking for a transfer of ownership. If you are interested in it, please feel free to contact the Manager Lv.

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