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Agricultural Commodity
    1. Buckwheat

      Our company has purchased from the origin of buckwheat in Hure Qi factory directly, to reduce the unnecessary link and expenses for customers. The buckwheat we provided with the diameter of 4mm, which is popular in Japanese market.

    1. Roasted BuckwheatThe roasted buckwheat provided by our company has low moisture content, its breakage rate is lower than 3%, impurity content is less than 0.1%. The particle diameter is more than 3.8mm even after roasting, so our high quality roasted buckwheat has won the recognition of food industry in various countries.
    1. Buckwheat BerryBuckwheat is rich in vitamin E and soluble dietary fiber which is 10 times than the refined grains, at the same time, it contains nicotinic acid and rutin (phytomelin). The nicotinic acid in buckwheat can boost your metabolism and enhance your body's detoxification.
    1. Corn

      Grounded on decades of experience in sales of corn, Zhongcheng has emerged as the reliable importer and exporter of high-quality Zea mays from Brazil, Ukraine and India, etc.

    1. Wheat Flour
    1. WheatWe supply durum wheat and soft milling wheat from different origins including USA, Canada, Ukraine and more. Our wheat is provided with different grades: grade 1, grade 2, and grade 3.
    1. Lithuanian OatsProcessed finely, our rolled oat is more convenient to eat and tastes better. Grown in the Baltic region, the ground oats we provided have passed the quality inspection of the EU and feature high nutritional value.
    1. Finnish OatsOur oats have passed the test of Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira. The Finnish Food Safety Authority (Evira), established on 1st May 2006. The responsibilities of the organisation range from research on dangerous, environmentally hazardous animal and plant diseases to analysis of foodstuffs produced and sold in Finland.
    1. Finnish Oat GroatsOat is one of the worldwide-recognized high nutritional value food crops, oatmeal which is made of oats contains rich protein, fat, vitamin. The food grade oatmeal imported by our company is in full compliance with the European Union and China's inspection standards.
    1. SorghumWe are a long-term importer of sorghum which from Australian, USA, and Argentina. Our company Zhongsheng can offer stock or become the client agent for importing sorghum from different countries.
    1. Refined Rapeseed OilAppearing golden yellow, the refined rapeseed oil has no sediment and high smoke point. This helps keep the kitchen clean and make housework easier.
    1. Crude Rapeseed OilDerived from rape seeds, the crude rapeseed oil can be used to produce different types of biodiesel. It conforms to DIN51605.
    1. Sunflower Oil
    1. Soybean OilOur focus is mainly emphasized on import and export of crude and refined soybean oil from Brazil. This edible oil adopts superior soybeans which are fully mature and have high oil extraction rate, resulting in light color and impurity-free. Therefore, our bottled vegetable oil stands out from competitors in terms of quality control and cost containment.
    1. Corn OilWe not only benefit from drastically reduced purchase cost, but also 80-85% of unsaturated fatty acid contained in our edible vegetable oil. Being free from cholesterol, our product is regarded as the healthy oil which lowers cholesterol content in blood and then prevents angiosclerosis.
    1. Palm Oil

      Its free fatty acid content is less than 0.1%, moisture and impurity content is less than 0.1%, cloud point is 24C, and its quality meets international standards.

    1. Sesame Seed

      Located in Yantai City, Shandong Province, China, we have been engaged in import and export of sesame seed for 5 years, as well as grain and oil for over 20 years.

    1. Rapeseed

      Based on our rich import & export experience, every year, we sell 20000t rapeseeds to India, Pakistan and European Union countries. Our oil seeds are popular among customers due to their high quality and reasonable price.

    1. Malting Barley

      Since we have established cooperative relationships with more than 500 farm owners and sell the barley to breweries and malthouses without taking any commission, we help maximize the benefits for our customers.

    1. Edible Barley

      Edible barley is in low content of lysine and biological value. As a grain food, it tastes sweet and is good to your stomach. Edible barley is beneficial to improving your vital energy, facilitating food digestion and relieving thirst.

    1. Feed Barley

      Adding more barley to the foods for pigs during the pigs' growing stage will increase the hardness and melting point of pork fat, improve pork quality and make the pigs grow more lean meat. Harvested in the postulation period, the barley for feed can be also used as silage for cows.

    1. Brand: Yujiangtang
      Ingredients: young ginger, white sugar, honey / brown sugar
      Flavors: original flavor, honey, brown sugar
      Food additives: no
      Net weight: 200g
    1. Mung BeanSize: 3.5mm.
      Moisture: 15% max.
      Admixture: 1% max.
      Imperfect grains: 1.5% max.
      Germination rate of green mung bean sprout: 95% over
    1. Soybean

      Our soybean oilseed has been sold to China,East Asia and the Middle East, etc. The staggering export volume reaches over 20,000 tons each year.

    1. Heavy Duty Plastic Bags

      The FFS bag features rapid packaging, one-step forming, good sealing, moisture resistance and excellent printability. Our FFS plastic bags can be widely used for heavy packaging, food packaging and wash supplies packaging.

    1. Flexitank

      The food grade flexitank is applicable for transporting wine, edible oil, fruit juice concentrate, food additive, sorbitol, palm oil, soy sauce, rice wine, mineral water, malt extract, syrup, and so on.