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Contact Person: Julle Zhu

Our Responsibility

1. Food Safety
Zhongsheng is mainly engaged in import and export of grains, cooking oils, oilseeds, cotton waste as well as grain and food equipment. Everything we focus on is critical to customer health, and we bear this in mind from day one. Therefore, we strive to be a reliable and professional food supplier for customers home and abroad.

The only way to achieve that profound goal is to obtain approves from customers and related supervision organizations. Our product has been certified by ISCC, HALAL, HACCP, ISO and SGS, etc. In addition, we still apply stringent testing to make sure that every batch of food products meets the highest quality standard.

2. Cooperation Worldwide
Most of our suppliers are industrious farmers from various countries such as Brazil, Ukraine and India, etc. On one hand, we sincerely appreciate their efforts and hard work. On the other hand, however, they have to meet all of our rigorous requirements to be our suppliers.

The selection of corn supplier, for instance, is conducted on the basis of strict control on content of pesticides and fertilizers contained. In addition to supplier selection, we also keep our eyes wide open on the rest of supply chain, covering transportation and delivery, to ensure no damage whatsoever occurred.

3. Beneficial to All
As an importer and exporter, we treat ourselves as a bridge connecting hardworking farmers with average customers. Despite of trend of quick success and instant benefits, we have led the way with integrity and earnest for over 20 years. Food safety and customer health are paramount in Zhongsheng.

We cherish customer feedback, market competition and farmer expectation. We see them as our most invaluable assets and we feel grateful to everyone that involved in. We aim to supply food products that beneficial to all.