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Quality Control

1. Comprehensive System
In corporation with suppliers' quality inspection, we also apply our own control system to our grain department, oil department, as well as grain and oil product equipment department. Key contents such as quality inspection and sales volume will be recorded into personnel assessment.

Additionally, this system is based on industrial policy of enterprises + planting base + farmers. This means that stringent measures are applied to the entire progress including material purchase, planting, processing, sales and logistics. If failures occur to any part of this business chain, we will be able to find out the very responsible personnel or procedures that require further improvements.

2. Standard Compliance
All grains and oils that we import and export must obtain Inspection & Quarantine Report from Commodity Inspection Bureau of PRC, or SGS inspection report, ensuring the highest safety.

Moreover, grain equipment, and food processing equipment must be approved by ISO9000, ISO9002 and ISO9003. Furthermore, other certificates should be presented as well, including approvals from Commodity Inspection Bureau of PRC and SGS as well as Certificate of Origin, thus ensuring product quality.