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Target Customers

For over 20 years, Zhongsheng has grown from state-owned enterprise into a leading importer and exporter of grains, oils and food processing equipment. We take pride in longstanding business partnership with various customers around the world, as well as stable business network that never stop expansion. Recently, our product has successfully exported to the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa, South America and Europe, etc.

Target Customers
For Grains and Oils

In this area, our target customers comprise grain/oil companies, large supermarkets, sale agents. Most of our grains and oils for export subject to MOQ (minimum order quantity).

1. Grain/oil Companies
Our grains and oils, such as corn, crude oil, sesame and soybean, can be supplied to grain/oil companies for further processing into corn flour, refined oil, sesame oil and soybean oil, etc.

2. Large Supermarkets
We supply high quality corn, wheat flour, refined oil and sesame to large supermarkets and chain stores. We can show approvals from related inspection organizations to prove ensured quality.

3. Sale Agents
Our products are highly recognized in the Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia and Europe, etc. Please send your requires and questions to for further discussion.

MOQ of Grain and Oil Products
Corn: 100 tonnes
Wheat flour: 100 tonnes
Wheat: 100 tonnes
Oats: 100 tonnes
Soybean: 100 tonnes
Cooking oil: FCL
Sesame: 20-foot FCL
Cotton waste: 25 tonnes
Waste yarn: 100 tonnes

For Food Processing Equipment
Our food processing equipment is mainly related to grains and oils processing, including instant noodle production line, automatic handle loop inserting machine for cooking oil bottle as well as dehulling and separating equipment applicable for grains and cereals such as sunflower seed, buckwheat and sesame, etc.

1. End Users
If you are planning to set up a grain and oil production line or expand production capacity, you can browse our website for proper equipment that meets your goals. If you have further requirements, please leave comments on the page or send e-mails at

2. Sale Agent
In addition to end users, sale agents are also our key customers. If you are considering being our sale agent, we will offer you considerable support on service and price.