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Zhongsheng is the professional importer and exporter of grains, oils as well as grain and oil product equipment. For over 20 years, we have been striving to provide quality ensured food products to customers all over the world. Food safety is the predominant issue in Zhongsheng and skilled foreign trade team is always ready to lend helping hands.

All products supplied by Zhongsheng are absolutely approved by related inspection and testing organizations and authorities. If quality failure occurs to delivered products, we will actively make negotiation with the customer on the basis of testing report from the third party.

Grains and Oils
1. Package

These products cover grains, cereals, cooking oils, seeds and cotton waste, etc. On the basis of customer requirements, proper package will be offered to fit specific needs. For example, we usually use 50 kg PP bag to pack grains and cereals. Crude cooking oil normally is filled in 17-18 tonnage liquid bag. Refined cooking oil will be packed in oil bottle with various volume ranged among 500ml, 1L, 2L, 3L, 5L and 10L, etc. Trademark labeling is also available upon request.

2. Delivery
Generally, we adopt sea transportation. Products are all delivered in whole container. Therefore, we do not accept orders in small amount.

3. After-sales service
Unlike machinery products, grains, cooling oils, seeds and cotton waste involve no such services as repair or parts supply. However, if something unexpected happens during transportation, we will take active action to find out the causes and settle down the issues with customers well and sound.

Food Processing Equipment
1. Installation, commissioning and training

We will definitely offer installation services. During installation, we will provide training to customer’s managers and operatives, explaining maintenance notices, operation instructions and related production techniques, etc. Customers will have to pay for round-trip air tickets, board and lodging expenses as well as 100 USD/day to each of our personnel.

2. Wear Parts
In order for better experience on installation and equipment operation, we will deliver some wear parts together with the purchased equipment.

3. Warranty
The warranty is one year. Within the warranty time, free maintenance and repair service will be offered, except for wear parts and artificial damage. After the warranty time, paid maintenance and instruction service will be available to the entire life of equipment.